Konica Bizhub MFCs and Leopard

A note for Konica Bizhub users considering an upgrade to Leopard: Don’t.

A client recently needed to push forward to Leopard due to a workstation purchase (problems running Tiger), so I upgraded him ahead of schedule. I so doing, I went to reset his printers, including his connection to a Konica-Minolta Bizhub 600 PS. The drivers reinstalled normally, and I enabled his group authentication, then ran a test print.

Which promptly vanished. The error log on the Bizhub said it was a faulty job. An hour’s worth of troubleshooting and phone calls later, we reach the conclusion that the Bizhub drivers don’t work correctly with Leopard, but that it is possible to enable basic printing by using the Generic Postscript Printer driver.

Except that the client’s office has group authentication enabled. At this time, they’re in the process of disabling that security, which was really incidental. They weren’t using it to track printing, and the 600 can use separate settings to protect copying vs. printing. So by this time tomorrow, the client will have basic, no-frills printing back.

So, in sum:

  1. Konica-Minolta needs to get off the dime and release Leopard-compatible Bizhub drivers, because although their current drivers will install on Leopard, they won’t actually work.
  2. Leopard users who need to print to a Bizhub can use Generic Postscript Printer to get basic functionality, but will lose most formatting and essentially all finishing options.
  3. If you elect to go the route in #2, make sure you have security disabled on your printer, since, due to #1, your Leopard users won’t be able to pass security credentials.