Restoring missing purchases in the Mac App store

Possibly there are other references for this topic, and my Google-fu was weak this morning. Nevertheless, it took me a while to figure out, and if this saves someone else a minor panic, so much the better.

The scenario: I needed to re-download the Mac OS X Lion installer from the App Store. In tinkering with that interface, I unthinkingly clicked the X button on Lion’s entry in the Purchases window. Bam! No more Lion.

A couple of entries suggested things that might restore it, but none did. In the end, the procedure was simple.

  1. Select Store > View My Account and sign in.
  2. Look for a section headed iTunes in the Cloud, with a Hidden Purchases entry, and click View Hidden Purchases.
  3. Click Unhide for those purchases you wish to appear in your App Store Purchases window, then click Done.

That’s it.


JSS Packages Folder Is Read-Only

This is mostly a reminder to myself, because I just spent five minutes having a mild freak-out after a boneheaded mistake. If you launch Casper Admin, and it starts in offline mode after reporting that your packages folder is read-only, check to make sure your Packages folder isn’t mounted as a volume already.